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Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Dear Lovely People,

1.) Womb is open for submissions throughout July.

2.) I am updating the blogroll. If you identify as a woman + make poems + blog, please leave a link to your blog in the comments if you do not see your name in the sidebar. Also, if you know of a blog that I have missed, please leave a link.

xoxoxo Michelle


Didi Menendez said...

Hello - on your blogroll you have me linked to my art page. My poetry blog is here:

Thank you,

Michelle Detorie said...

Thanks, Didi. I've changed the link.

Ayda said...

Hi -

I have a blog at http://mixedblood.wordpress.com that (so far) has one entry - a poem - that I wrote. I'm not sure if your blogroll features single poems or only sites that have multiple works, but if it seems appropriate for your purpose I'd love to be included (also, true of submission to Womb as well). Thanks!

lex said...

Thanks so much for the link love! I will definitely be sending a submission for the august mini issue.

Michelle Detorie said...

Thanks Ladies! Keep those links coming!

DUSIE said...

wow, you've totally got me wanting to pull out my old woodburner...tho i haven't had that in years...i like this blog page much better, i always have such a hard time reading it when there is a black background

Abe Louise said...

hello there~
we are:


we are a group of women in austin, texas who meet every sunday morning at the feminist bookstore to write and do dastardly things to language. the blog is our drafts, revision processes, conversations, and attempts to create a women's lexicon, essential additions the english dictionary that reflect womens' physical and social experiences.

thank you!

abe louise young
women's writing workshops

Michelle Detorie said...

Thanks Abe Louise! I'm adding your link now.

barbara jane said...


hi michelle, this is me. i've added you to my newsfeeds page as well. thanks and awesome work!

peace, barbara jane reyes

Michelle Detorie said...

Hi Barbara!

Yay! I've added your link!

xo michelle