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Friday, August 3, 2007

Poetry Puzzles

~*~ SPECIMEN JAR POETRY PUZZLES ~*~ for sale at the Hex Presse Shop

Poetry Puzzles inspired by Mina Loy, Sylvia Plath, and Elizabeth Bishop. More coming soon!

The letters of six words from a single poem are gathered and stored in glass specimen jars. "Sestina," "Fever 103," and "Lunar Baedeker" come in a triangular jars and contain brightly-colored letter beads which allow the player/puzzler to experience the letters synesthetically. Because the letters are also impressed on the beads, once can "feel" the letters, thus allowing for the experience of "feeling" and "seeing" as simultaneous acts of "reading." The puzzle jars can be emptied and their letter contents "solved" to spell the words from the poem. The letters can be used to make anagrams and new words also. In addition to letters, other materials are harvested and added to the jar for further delight and stimulation. These additional materials are carefully selected and are -- to a certain degree -- intended to conjure sensory details related to the poem which inspired the puzzle. Something for each of the *six* senses is contained in each Hex Presse Specimen Jar Poetry Puzzle. This "syntax of tangibles" can be used to create poems, to conjure new ideas, and to amuse, delight, and inspire. For students of poetry, Hex Presse Specimen Jar Poetry Puzzles enhance understanding and enjoyment of the poetry. Like Cleromancy games, Hex Presse Specimen Jar Poetry Puzzles are an exciting, surprising, and unique way to engage with poetry.

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